From Melbourne to Montevideo: new inno4sd policy case studies available

From Melbourne to Montevideo: new inno4sd policy case studies available

The inno4sd network is committed to helping policy makers implement a policy agenda which promotes green growth and sustainable development. Rather than by reinventing the wheel, this can often be achieved by looking over the fence and borrowing policies which have been successful elsewhere.

To facilitate this replication, the inno4sd knowledge platform InnovationSeeds presents case studies on policy best practices from across the globe. Policies are packaged according to a tried and tested methodology, which focuses on the most relevant aspects including: an overview of the measure, lessons learnt and potential for further deployment and replication.

Seven new case studies are now available on the platform:

Saving water on the world’s driest inhabited continent

The first case study looks at the Australian Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme. This aims to promote water efficiency by informing consumers about the performance of products that use water, enabling them to identify products which are water efficient, whilst still performing as expected.

According to Dr Carol Grossman, Director of the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Section at the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, ongoing actions will help other countries to replicate the policy:

“We have recently submitted a proposal for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to develop an international standard for water efficiency testing and rating, with input from Singapore, China, Malaysia and New Zealand, who all have similar WELS schemes. If this standard is developed it would make it much easier for additional countries to implement their own WELS-type programs to help consumers save water.”

40 new case studies coming up

In total, inno4sd will publish 40 new policy case studies in the coming months, featuring the latest international green policy practices – so watch this space. These will be added to over 100 policy case studies already available in the library.

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