Lesson learned

Integration and operationalisation of lesson learned

Specific challenge: Eco-Innovations and best practices need a certain regulatory framework to be implemented. It is important that the lessons learnt within the project are systematised and delivered to policy makers at different scales of operation following a tailor-made strategy.

Question: Which specific lessons have be learnt for the different areas of eco-innovation?

Work to do: Developing guidelines, identification of specific regulatory conditions for implementing eco-innovations, technology transfer and diffusion. The project results will be integrated into guidelines and policy recommendations that support the transition process towards a green economy. The policy issue, which will also drive most of the analyses and networking activities, should be strengthened within this activity, at least, from the following two perspectives:

a)    From the analytical perspective the objective here is to tackle all those policy issues that might have not been fully covered in the project, in particular stressing the relevance of contextual features, e.g. the role of the governance setting including institutions, norms, rules and regulations in eco-innovation should be analysed as key elements for a successful implementation of eco-innovation policies and effectively linking eco-innovation policies with the broader green economy / sustainability debates. Eco-innovation is (should not be) not a goal in itself. To what extent is eco-innovation contributing to effectively starting transitions to a greener economy?

b)    From the operational perspective the objective here is to ensure that clear, operational and effective policy messages are delivered, by:

  • ensuring that the actual and perceived needs and priorities of policy-makers rank high on top of inno4sd debates and activities is thus crucial to ensure the buy-in of policy recommendations;
  • delivering direct, operational, clear and effective policy messages to decision-makers across the EU and beyond in relation to the main issues discussed in the network(s) participating in this project;

Deliverables: Practical guidelines for eco-innovation policy on different level (geographical scales, thematic fields, world regions or industries)

EU flagThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 641974.