26August 2020
26August 2020
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Tagungswerk, Lindenstraße 85, 10969 Berlin

Creating a global roadmap to drive eco-innovation for sustainable development!

Eco-innovation is a topic that continues to receive the attention of multiple stakeholders because of its transformative potential; it is often seen as a solution to climate, sustainability, and social challenges. The current  post-pandemic discussions about recovery plans tend to agree on the role that innovation plays to develop and deliver green solutions to pressing societal challenges. The term was first introduced in the mid  1990s by Claude Fussler and Peter James as a tool to achieve eco-efficiency in organisations. Ever since a  myriad of approaches to eco-innovation in existing organisations have been developed. According to research by inno4sd senior scholars Kemp and Turkeli, eco-innovation research has been published in about 47  countries worldwide. Nonetheless, the level of understanding of implementation methods is still rather low.

The objectives of the workshop are to provide an overview of:

  • Provide a better understanding on the role of life cycle to greening products, operations, businesses models, investments and the innovation process.
  • Present tools and methods for implementing eco-innovation for sustainable development in organisations, in particular for SMEs.
  • Use a strategy roadmap tool to integrate the different possible interventions.


  • Defining eco-innovation
  • Understanding life cycle for eco-innovation
  • Eco-innovation methods
  • Practical exercise using strategy roadmaps for eco-innovation

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