Category 18 April 2019

CYPROBELL - medium-scale implantation

Several steps were necessary for the medium-scale implantation of the CYPROBELL system along the project development. First, several advertisements were made in the local press and the radio in order to promote the system. Additionally, the new system for recovering grey water was presented in several fairs and exhibitions, achieving different success degrees. For instance, along the Agricultural Fair held from 21 to 25 October 2009 the product was presented to farmers as an additional water source for irrigating their crops, but people attending the fair showed little interest. On the other hand, the product was successfully presented in the Save Energy & Envio-Tech 2010 & 2011, since only one similar product was shown therein. Other events held abroad were the 6th International Exhibition Envirotec – WaterTech 2010 (Athens), the Third World Water Forum in Kyoto, the Fourth World Water Forum in the City of Mexico, and the Pro'Hydro Technological & Business Meetings, a brokerage event focused on water which took place in Montpelier (France).

In a second step, a lot of recycling systems were installed in different urban and suburban areas of Cyprus, reaching a total installed capacity of 60,500L/per day. The largest installation examples were Football fields, Army camps and schools, but most of the applications were carried out in private residences. In general terms the system comprised three plastic tanks; one of them was usually placed underground for collecting the grey water, whereas the others were placed in gardens, storehouses, garages, under the ground or even over the roofs. In exceptional cases, specific places for the deposits were constructed in new residences. The system could either be installed on existing or on newly constructed residences, provided there were separated sewer pipes for pumping the grey water out.

Most of the customers showed their satisfaction with this new
water and wastewater treatment achievement, and consequently recommended it to their neighbours. The medium cost for a 1000 litres per day installation was about 3,600 € + VAT, with an average cost treatment of 0.35 €/L, which is lower than the cost of water provided by the Nicosia Water Board (2.51 €/L for a 26-30 m3/month consumption).

Cyprobell project. Final report.