Category 30 October 2018

Eco-innovation Library

Members of the inno4sd network have extensively published state-of-the-art documents focusing on the role of eco-innovation for a green economy, circular economy, climate action and the sustainable development goals. This eco-innovation library includes, among others, a collection of reports, articles, manuals and guidelines derived from EU/ National funded projects. Click in the corresponding image to access the document. 

Category: Reports

The use of concepts related to sustainable development in political and strategic documents

Type of publication: Project report (H2020 project)

Keywords: sustainable development, green economy, policy documents

This document aims at clarifying the (operational) meaning of concepts related to sustainable development through a review of documents produced by different stakeholders in different geographies and contexts, applying a consistent framework to make the conceptual content of a range of policy- and strategy-oriented documents comparable. The framework uses Sustainable Development as the central concept around which political objectives, strategies, processes for change, domains for action, and other related concepts are organized.

Green Economy and Eco-Innovation: A review of emerging research themes

Authors: Alan Brent, Imke de Kock, Fernando Diaz Lopez, Andrea Bassi

Type of publication: Project report (H2020 project)

Keywords: eco-innovation, green economy, bibliometrics 

The paper reviews the literature, over the last three decades, to map out the existing body of knowledge of the themes associated with the concepts of ‘eco-innovation’ and ‘green economy’. The aim is to better understand the cohesion, integration, inter- relatedness, evolution and exposure in the scientific literature of the concepts. A bibliometric, content and network analysis approach was followed to identify connections between the themes and concepts, through a forward looking analysis, and discusses how eco-innovation can effectively contribute to the green economy and how these concepts may be better aligned to support the sustainable development goals. The paper concludes with a research agenda to improve the uptake and impact of the concepts by various stakeholders.