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The Energy Saving Network in Germany was initiated by main industry partners to offer private home owners a one stop shop to receive comprehensive information and support regarding the refurbishment of residential buildings to improve their energy efficiency.[1] It improves the energy efficiency in buildings significantly.[2]


The challenge

Achieving energy efficiency is one of the biggest challenges we face today. The construction sector consumes more energy than any other share of the economy. The potential for saving energy in buildings, such as via heating systems or better insulation, is significant.[3] Additionally, economic growth can be triggered by implementing eco-innovative performance standards, and introducing energy saving materials, and technologies which are consistent with sustainability criteria. Promoting sustainable practices requires working collaboratively together, led by a cooperating partner in order to allow individual private customers to carry out their construction project to ensure that they achieve the best possible energy efficiency level.


The network

In 2007, the Saint-Gobain Isover G+H company started its project Energy Saving Networks with important industry partners.[4] After a pilot phase, the recent network Energiesparnetzwerk ESN GmbH came into being in 2009, unifying specialists such as crafts people, architects, planners, energy consultants, specialised shop owners, and industry. Its objective is the increased renovation rate of residential buildings by means of regional networks providing support in the forms of consultancy, planning and implementation of refurbishment projects.[5] The network is acting as a one-stop shop for energy efficient and eco-innovative (re)construction which is targeted at professional associations, SMEs and crafts people who wish to consult private house owners on their construction projects.


The benefits

Being a certified member of the Energy Saving Network means increased sectorial networking, thus raising awareness regarding the various aspects of sustainable construction. Combining activities

and concerted action of network members increases the visibility of the actors to their individual clients. One of the primary tools maintained by the Energy Saving Network is a platform which offers the client a perfect combination of crafts and materials needed for the individual reconstruction project. The network also offers particular training courses for its partners, serving as support to the innovation competences of firms in addition to the professional and technical exchange.[6] Based on the competence of the network the individual private client gets a tailor-made offer: regional teams of professionals, smart solutions, and high quality right through from the consultancy phase to the construction detail itself.[7]


Further deployment

The Energy Saving Network’s concept is validated at full-scale, qualifying it for an estimated level 7 on the generic maturity scale GML. The ESN GmbH activities are financed by an annual membership fee, being 140€ annually per network node. Disseminating knowledge is of major importance in order to improve and support energy-efficient construction and modernisation to a high quality level. The Energy Saving Network allows for major time-, energy- and money saving during the work phase and large energy savings during the operational phase of a construction project by offering support during all phases from the planning phase right through to the completion of a (re)construction project.