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European Wind Energy Association (EWEA)

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) aims to facilitate policies and initiatives that strengthen the development of European and global wind energy markets. The association, which is based in Belgium, is a long-standing partnership of more than 600 members[1] with the aim of efficiently expanding wind power in the long term.

The challenge

Climate change and rising energy costs are major challenges world-wide. Consequently, wind power shall account for 15% to 18% of all electricity consumption by 2020.[2] By enhancing the cooperation of stakeholders and combining activities, Europe may lead the way in future in the field of innovation in wind energy. The long term positive effects on the environment, climate, job creation, and energy prices shall convince the sceptics, as wind energy delivers a multitude of benefits to communities. However, promoting the sector further is still necessary in order to reach the ambitious energy goals in Europe.

The network

Founded in 1982 on the wings of the "California wind rush", today the EWEA represents approximately 600 network members from a variety of backgrounds.[3] Industry, SMEs, investors, universities, policy makers and professional associations joined forces to promote wind power.[4] Financed by a membership fee, the association comprehensively facilitates the activities of its members by participating in working groups, engaging in networking initiatives as well as by providing and disseminating policy dossiers on various thematic issues.  EWEA acts as the central network for wind energy issues and interacts with wider constituencies with the aim of promoting wind energy.[5] As a non-profit association, EWEA is governed by a Board of Directors which is elected by its members.[6]

The benefits

As a member of the EWEA, one becomes part of a leading network on wind power, promoting renewable energy production and use. The association provides a full portfolio of membership services and benefits to support the growth of the European wind industry.[7] By using EWEA’s communication channels higher visibility is guaranteed at relevant events in addition to a discount on communication and marketing activities. In the thematic workshops, aspects of wind power are shaped such as integrating renewable energy into strategic planning, or sharing good practices regarding connecting to the grid. The EWEA also provides a large number of studies, statistics, and basic technical information, as well as policies regarding wind energy. In this way the association serves as a knowledge base for the sector.[8]

Further deployment

The EWEA is one of the world's largest associations in the renewable energy sector with a soundly deployed concept, qualifying it for an estimated level beyond 9 on the generic maturity scale GML.[9] Its members are based in Europe, but the association is active globally in various initiatives relating to wind power. Through its effective communication and engagement in the political decision-making processes, the EWEA works to secure the largest possible market share and develop the full potential of Europe’s wind markets today. A committed team works with the conviction, that wind energy will be the leading technology in transforming the global energy supply structure towards a truly sustainable energy future based on indigenous, non-polluting and competitive renewable technologies.[10]










[9] Generic Maturity Level: indicator for readiness of transfer of a certain process; following the scale of technology readiness ( The given value was estimated by the authors.