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German Wind Energy Association - BWE

The German Wind Energy Association provides a framework to support renewable energy solutions, including wind power, by supporting the innovation capacities of firms, networking and making steps towards improving regulations and standards. Based in Germany, it is a partnership of more than 20,000 members[1] who aim to efficiently expand the use of wind power long term.

The challenge

Climate change, global development and rising energy costs are common challenges worldwide. Consequently, wind power is gaining prominence as a renewable energy option.  In order to achieve greater independence from fossil fuels, renewables offer a better solution for our future than conventional energy sources. In terms of the public acceptance of this technology, the positive effects on the environment and climate, the potential for job creation and lower long term energy prices, have yet to convince the sceptics. Promoting wind energy production creates a win-win situation as the sector can stimulate regional growth, while at the same time promoting sustainable practices.

The network

Founded in 1996, the German Wind Energy Association represents approximately 1,100 manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers in addition to 2,100 operator companies and 15,000 investors.[2] Hence, industry as well as professional associations and other stakeholders such as communities, local businesses, SMEs and citizens join forces to promote wind power. Financed by a membership fee (equity funding), the Association comprehensively facilitates the activities of its members by disseminating ideas and raising awareness through networking initiatives and various thematic boards that the Association is organising. The focus of the work in terms of bringing support to business is on important aspects including on- or offshore wind power and grids, with the overall aim of promoting wind energy.[3]

The benefits

Being a member of the German Wind Energy Association, one becomes part of a leading network of wind power experts, who promote renewable energy production and use. Recently, more than 45 countries followed the policy of adopting feed-in tariffs for wind power, which was introduced by Germany, in order to switch to renewable energy production. The members of the Association have access to comprehensive statistics like the number of turbines installed or wind power capacity per region.[4] The Association also influences international policy by consulting with major international associations, which in turn accelerates sharing expertise and new trends within the Association.[5]

Further deployment

The German Wind Energy Association is one of the world's largest associations in the renewable energy sector and has potential for further deployment and transferability, qualifying it for an estimated Generic Maturity Level 8. Its members are based in Germany, but it is globally involved in promoting the sector of wind power. The various stakeholders engaged in promoting wind energy take action to progressively broaden the share of wind power to replace non-renewable energy sources. By sharing information as well as knowledge on performance standards between its members as part of networking initiatives, stakeholders - from system owners to planners and investors – can benefit from the Association’s activities. With its ambitious expansion targets, the wind power sector is both locally and globally the main driver behind the switch to renewable energy.