Category 18 April 2019

How to use the search tool and browse the library?

Free keyword search

It is a traditional search engine where you input your keyword(s).

Advanced search

You can search eco-innovation cases according to different criteria:

Functions: this allows you to look for innovations that meet a specific function (for instance: filtrating)Application fields: to filter the eco-innovation cases according to their sector or economic domain (for instance: sustainable manufacturing)Countries: to filter articles by geographical zonesTechniques: to look for innovations involving a specific technology (e.g. Near-infrared detector),Maturity level: to sort the eco-innovation cases by degree of maturity

How to browse the library

When clicking on a filter (a tag) of the advanced search engine, the list of articles containing this tag will be displayed. You can filter further the sorted articles using the tags appearing on the right side of the screen.

You can also click on the tags directly in the article texts to browse the library.

Suggested readings

The “suggested readings” appearing on the right side of the screen are articles from the other libraries (policies, networks, financing) that contain some similar tags and might be of interest for you.