Category 06 November 2018

Inno4sd Academy

The inno4sd Academy is the educational and capacity building programme of the inno4sd network.

Previous versions of the academy were held in Pretoria, South Africa (2017), Ferrara, Italy (2018) and Mexico City, Mexico (2019)

The objectives of the Academy are:

  1. Provide a space for knowledge sharing for and learning to young scholars interested in topics related to transformative innovation, sustainable development and circular economy.
  2. Provide opportunity for PhD candidates & early career researchers to present their work.
  3. Network opportunity for PhD & early career researchers candidates.
  4. Opportunity for PhD candidates & early career researchers to submit work to partners in the inno4sd and affiliated networks to review and receive feedback on the work submitted

Who can participate?

The academy is primarily open to PhD students and early career researchers from the fields of science, technology and innovation studies, social and political sciences, economics, finance and management and engineering management. Candidates from other areas are welcomed to apply, as long as they justify how their topic contributes to the field of innovation/ social/ sustainable innovation for the SDGs.