Category 24 April 2020

Master in Green Economy and Sustainability @ Unife (Italy)

Applications open to enroll in the 2-year Master in Green Economy and Sustainability, at the University of Ferrara. This is a degree entirely taught in English forming graduates who are

qualified to assume managerial or consultant positions in the Green

Economy sector.

The course provides students with interdisciplinary abilities in order to enable them to address issues related to green economy and sustainable development. The main topics of Green economy and sustainability are eco-innovation, green economy and environmental policy effects.

Double degrees are offered (Southern Denmark SDU, UEA East Anglia UK) and the possibility to do internships at inno4sd-member institutions working in eco-innovation and Green Economy.

Courses/lectures over 2020/21 are offered using streaming tools. On the basis of Government guidelines regarding COVID-19 crisis, some lectures and activities could be re-organised in situ during the academic year.

Additional information available at: 

Please contact Professor Massimiliano Mazzanti (mzzmsm [at]