Category 30 October 2018

Policy outlooks

Policy outlooks are original guidance material developed by inno4sd for policy makers. 
The inno4sd policy briefs are short publications featuring answers to policy questions around innovation for sustainable development. 

The Inno4SD Policy Outlooks is a series that focuses on the horizontal policy issues or transversal topics relevant for public policy supporting innovation for sustainable development. The selected topics are based on questions and issues raised by policy makers and stakeholders active in the Innovation for Sustainable Development (Inno4SD) network.


1. Why should public policy support transformative eco-innovation? 
2. How can policies supporting innovation deliver on SDGs?
3. How to support eco-innovation in trade policy and international trade regimes? [DOWNLOAD]
4. Can environmental process standards enable eco-innovation?
5. Can eco-innovation respond to NEXUS challenges? 
6. Can public procurement in cities support circular economy?
7. How to measure eco-innovation and assess its impacts?
8. How to build effective policy mixes for eco-innovation?
9. How to ensure the level playing field for eco-innovation, taking into account adverse effects of existing policy measures (e.g. harmful subsidies)?
10. How to design and implement STI roadmaps to foster eco-innovation for sustainable development?
11. How to account for macro-economic framework conditions in designing eco-innovation policy?
12. Can environmental product standards enable eco-innovation?