RISE Research Institutes of Sweden



RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (formerly SP Technical Research Insititute) is a leading international research institute. RISE  is owned by the Swedish Government, and is the national institute for technical evaluation, research, testing, certification, metrology and calibration and cooperates globally with large and small companies, universities, institutes of technology and other organisations. The group consists of nine technical units and eight subsidiary companies covering a wide technical range, and bases its services on competence, efficiency, impartiality and international acceptance.

RISE's headquarters are located in Borås, close to Gothenburg in the western part of Sweden. RISE’s section for Systems Analysis works aim to help policy and business decision makers apply holistic perspectives to complex energy, environmental, and innovation systems. The group has expertise in Innovation Systems Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis, Foresight, Energy Systems Analysis, Policy and Economics, and Communication and Process Management.