Category 18 April 2019

TIBUCON - Two pilots are going to be implemented

In order to test the integral solution developed within TIBUCON, two pilots are going to be implemented. The solution allows multi-magnitude monitoring as well as controlling Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. It is suitable for new installations as well as in retrofits. Therefore, in order to test both system applications, the pilots will be deployed in new and existing buildings.

The project’s solution can be deployed in residential properties or in office spaces. The internal space distribution of residential buildings is completely different from office ones. Therefore, the solution has to be customized for every case. The pilots will take differences into account so that the two types of environment will be provided.

In addition, locations for the two pilot installations show different climate conditions. This was expressly selected for highlighting the multi-environment application the system.

New Installation
The proposed building for the new installation is a 4 floor office space located in Warsaw. Local climate characteristics are fairly uniform with rainfall of about 493 mm / year and the average annual temperature is 7.8° C. This city is mostly under the influence of polar air masses, sea (about 220 days in a year) and the polar continental (about 110 days in a year). The building has also an underground and the outer walls are constructed by concrete, mineral wool and stone/curtain wall.

For new buildings with a new HVAC installation, the use of smart actuators with wireless connections and remote control capabilities will allow automatic actuation. In this  configuration the HVAC can be controlled in real time, resulting in a more efficient and transparent system.

The real time control system will periodically collect and interpret all the data from the deployed sensors, and calculate the set points for the actuators taking into consideration the user consumption and comfort target values. These set points will be transmitted to the actuators through the wireless communication network.

Retrofitted Installation
The second demonstrator carries out retrofitting action in Lorea, San Sebastian. The location is a residential complex with 214 apartments distributed in 6 different buildings. The area has a mesothermal climate, moderate in terms of temperatures, and rainy, typical of the Atlantic climate.
The complex has a centralized heat production for indoor heating and hot sanitary water. The central boiler room is located in the basement of one of the buildings and distributes the heat through pipes that run through the underground parking to the basement of each building

Due to the high number of potential retrofitting actions, any improvement of the existing HVAC performance is considered key for the project. The advantages will not be as high as for new installations, but given the huge number of potential consumers (every old building is candidate to a refurbishment action), the savings in terms of energy efficiency are huge.