Category 06 November 2018

inno4sd Knowledge Valorisation Platform

Inno4sd is working on the creation of a knowledge valorisation programme with strategic partners and an online tool to self-assess the prospects of project with lower TRL.

Turning ideas into solutions is a topic at the hear of innovation for sustainable development.

Many researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs and Universities face the question of the value of prototypes, patents or pilot projects. Sometimes, a business case analysis is performed, But in most cases, a given solution is assumed to have a value understood in a traditional economic sense i.e. how much is it worth in a monetary unit? However, innovation for sustainable development uses additional metrics such as the environmental benefits and the social return on investment a solution can bring about. More critical is conveying the right messages to green and social investors - which often face difficulties in identifying solutions which are scalable, profitable and socially just.

With decades of experience of bringing solutions into a real and practical use, inno4sd partners have developed a free tool to assess the economic, environmental and social sustainability of ideas, new ventures and proposed solutions: the inno4sd compass

A proposal is being discussed with strategic partners to launch a programme of knowledge valorisation and exploitation. It focuses on the following components:

  1. Valorization of knowledge and speeding up the innovation process (from TRL 3 to 8), both supply and demand-driven.

  2. Building innovation ecosystems, supporting and making entrepreneurs.

  3. Analysing the framework conditions for innovation, with a particular focus on environmental sustainability and social value.