Values-Based Innovation Management: Concepts, Methods and Applications

Values-Based Innovation Management: Concepts, Methods and Applications by Henning Breuer & Florian Lüdeke-Freund - A Free Webinar by the ISPIM Values-Based and Sustainable Innovation Special Interest Group.

The Webinar introduces the basic concepts, exemplary methods and practical applications of values-based innovation management. We show why innovation cannot be sufficiently understood and appropriately managed without addressing different stakeholder values. We explain the heuristic, directive and integrative function of values, and demonstrate their potential to drive innovation in different management levels. Through three recent consulting projects, we illustrate applied methods to work with values on different management level:

- How to apply ethnographic research on customer values to frame and conduct ideation (operative management example from the digital economy).

- How to model sustainability-oriented business based on a review of stakeholder values (strategic management example from workshops in the energy sector).

- How to trigger innovation through redefining business vision, mission and purpose based on employee values (normative management example from the cleaning service industry).

October 2019

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