23February 2021
25February 2021
Event Type:
Partner event
Ferrara & Rovigo, Italy

Making the Circular Economy work for Sustainability: From theory to practice

This CERCIS Workshop aims at stimulating the theoretical and empirical debate on the mechanisms that eventually enable us to establish that a relationship between CE and sustainability does actually exist, and to characterize its nature.

A call for paper submissions will be relaunched; new date to be announced.

The Workshop calls for papers on the several specificities of this broad issue, among which the following represent a non-exclusive list:

  • the economic dividend of the circular economy;

  • the environmental effects of the circular economy;

  • the impacts of the circular economy on society;

  • firms and households as main enablers of a sustainable circular economy;
  • policies for a sustainable circular economy.


The scientific programme will be available in due time.

Keynote Lectures:

  1. Jesús Alquézar Sabadie (EU-Commission, DG Environment)

  2. Florian Flachenecker (EU-Commission, JRC)

Paper submissions

A copy of the original call for papers (including instructions for submissions) is available for download here.

Prospective presenters are invited to submit a long abstract (min. 500 words) or a draft paper to Jacopo.Zotti [at] deams.units.it. Please include a cover page with your name, title, affiliation, address, phone number and e-mail address.

    Scientific Committee

    Jesús Alquézar Sabadie (EU-Commission, DG Environment), Nicolò Barbieri (University of Ferrara), Chiara Continenza (European Investment Bank) , Alessio D’Amato (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”), Fernando Diaz- Lopez (INNO4SD, Stellenbosch University), Fabio Eboli (ENEA), Marinella Favot (AREA Science Park, Trieste), Florian Flachenecker (EU-Commission, JRC), Claudia Ghisetti (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan), Marianna Gilli (University of Ferrara), Tullio Gregori (University of Trieste), Jens Horbach (University of Augsburg), Susanna Mancinelli (University of Ferrara), Giovanni Marin (University of Urbino), Antonio Massarutto (University of Udine), Massimiliano Mazzanti (University of Ferrara), Sandro Montresor (Gran Sasso Science Institute, L’Aquila), Fabio Morea (AREA Science Park, Trieste), Stefan Speck (EEA), Roberto Zoboli (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan), Jacopo Zotti (University of Trieste).