09November 2021
10November 2021
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inno4sd event
University of Ferrara (Via Ariosto, 35, Ferrara)

Call for Participation – PhD Symposium inno4sd / ACPN

The PhD programmes: “Environmental Sustainability and Wellbeing” (ESW, University of Ferrara, Italy); “Sustainability in Production Systems” (Graduation Program on Production Engineering, Paulista University, Brazil); “Ecological Environment Protection and Management” (School of Environment, Beijing Normal University, China) are glad to announce a joint PhD Symposium on 9th and 10th November, 2021.

The Advances of Cleaner Production Network and the inno4sd academy of the Innovation for Sustainable Development Network support and organize the symposium.

This event is organized back-to-back with the 10th International Workshop on Advances in Cleaner Production (IWACP), that will be hosted by the University of Ferrara on 11th November, 2021. 

The common theme of the PhD symposium and 10th IWACP is: “A Resilient and Sustainable World: Contributions to Cleaner Production, Circular Economy and Eco Innovation”. 


The general objective is to allow discussions about the progress on sustainability research through interdisciplinary perspectives. The specific objectives are:

- To provide space for knowledge sharing among young scholars interested in topics related to sustainable development and wellbeing, circular economy, and eco innovation.

- To provide opportunities for PhD candidates & early career researchers to present and discuss about their work.

- To develop a network of information exchange for PhD candidates and early career researchers.

- To provide opportunities for PhD candidates and early career researchers in submitting their work to members of the ESW Scientific Board, inno4sd network, and the ACPN network, and to receive scientific advices as feedback.

- To offer the possibility to prepare and submit full manuscripts for publication in the Special Issues edited by the 10th IWACP organizing committee.

Who Can Participate?

The event is open to PhD students and early career researchers from all areas of knowledge. The only requirement is that the candidates’ research topics must be related to the main topic of the symposium and 10th IWACP.

How to Participate?

Prospective participants are required to submit a 2-page short description of their PhD research and a powerpoint presentation till October 1st 2021 to academy@inno4sd.net. Description should include:

- 2-page extended abstract of the research rationale;
- Research methods and case studies;
- Description of research progress and main references;
- Knowledge transfer potential, to be highlighted as a prominent feature of research;
- Indication on how the (ongoing) research contributes to the/a particular SDGs and a clear indication of the goal(s) and target.

The selected PhD students will be communicated on October 25th by email, when a full programme will be available online.

More information will be available at the event's website: http://www.advancesincleanerproduction.net/10th/site/phd_symposium.html

The PhD Symposium will have the ENGLISH as official language.


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