16December 2019
17December 2019
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Partner event
Auditorium Santa Lucia, University of Ferrara (Via Ariosto, 35, Ferrara)

CERCIS First annual workshop

The Centre for Research in Circular economy, Innovation and SMEs (CERCIS) of the University of Ferrara, which manages the research activities of the 2018-2022 Project ‘Italian Departments of excellence’ organizes its first annual workshop in Ferrara (December 16-18, 2019).

CERCIS activities are focused on investigating firm eco-innovative behaviors to combine competitiveness with sustainability and to face the challenges set by the European Union Action Plan for the Circular Economy in 2015. 

The workshop presents 4 key note speeches on green economy and sustainability themes that touch on frontier innovation issues. 5 sessions are devoted to the discussion and presentation of papers, with a strong focus on circular economy inter disciplinary approach.

The four key note speeches are given by:

Shunsuke Managi (Kyushu University) – Inclusive growth as measured evaluation in SDGs

Jens Horbach (University of Applied Sciences Augsburg) - Circular Economy Innovations, Growth and Employment at the Firm Level

Matteo Grazzi (IADB Washington D.C.) - Green innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean: Measurement, Patterns and Policies

Sven-Olof Collin (Free University of Scania) - Family firm, an antique governance model for sustainability

The Programme can be downloaded from the following link: CERCIS PROGRAMME


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