Category 18 April 2019

Funding program for introduction of new environmental technologies

The DemoEnvironment, raising awareness of modern technology to create sustainable urban development in developing nations, has been a successful funding program for the introduction and diffusion of novel environmental technologies. Projects receiving grants from the program have demonstrated technologies ability to improve living conditions around the world.

The challenge

In order to create a sustainable world with larger elements of a circular economy and sharing economy, it is important not to forget developing nations as their environmental impact may be significantly higher without access to better, more sustainable technology. Technology transfer of eco-innovations can contribute to sustainable urban development.

The measure

The aim of the program DemoEnvironment was to lower environmental impact through the introduction and spread of modern, environmental friendly technologies and solutions in partner countries of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). DemoEnvironment has been coordinated by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket), providing financing in order to support collaboration between Swedish companies and their counterparts in partner countries. Support with grant funding was for demonstration of environmental technologies and building demonstration facilities, but also for contributing to increased exports of environmental technology from Sweden.

The public grant partial funding for demonstration and commercial exploitation of environmental technology and solutions could be approved for technology such as waste management and renewable energy, which contributes to sustainable urban development. Two cases could be approved: (a) for buyers of environmental technology or (b) for Swedish suppliers of eco-friendly technology. For the first case, the grants could range between 500 000 SEK (€54 500) and 3 million SEK (€326 800). For the second case, companies could only be funded up to a maximum amount of 300 000 SEK (€32 700). In this case, grants are approved for initiatives that aim to promote and facilitate partnerships between businesses in Sweden and potential users of the technology in Sida's partner countries.

The first DemoEnvironment program focused on disseminating environmental technology and ran from 2007 to 2010. Between 2012 and 2013 the DemoEnvironment program continued with actor collaboration.

Lessons learnt

There has been considerable interest in the DemoEnvironment program and funding through the program has resulted in many successful projects promoting business and creating partnerships between local, foreign players and Swedish companies. In addition, the program has contributed to the dissemination and implementation of environmental technologies in partner countries of Sida. Lists of projects receiving funding are published on Tillväxtverket’s website.

Further deployment

The Generic Maturity Level (GML) of DemoEnvironment is estimated at beyond 9. The concept has been successfully demonstrated and introduced in different geographical areas, providing good examples of technology transfer.